Zend framework is the most popular PHP framework

Today, I would to announce the result of poll which I’ve started last week titled “Which is the best PHP framework?”. And it seems Zend framework is one of the most popular PHP framework among the PHP project developers.



Result of the POLL – The Popularity of PHP Framework

Which is the best PHP framework?

  • Zend Framework (43%, 139 Votes)
  • CakePHP (22%, 73 Votes)
  • CodeIgniter (21%, 68 Votes)
  • Symfony (13%, 42 Votes)
  • Seagull (1%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 326

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After looking at the above result is clear that Zend framework is the most preferred PHP framework. To learn Zend Framework you can check the following book from Aspress for learning Zend Framework.

The Definitive Guide to Zend Framework

10 thoughts on “Zend framework is the most popular PHP framework

  1. Well Micha, I’ve not doubt that CakePHP is in the the top of the list in the google trend and even I’m using CakePHP in my projects.

    But it seems that these days Zend is going ahead of cakePHP and the result of the above poll is just showing that.

  2. “But it seems that these days Zend is going ahead of cakePHP and the result of the above poll is just showing that.”

    It’s really not, though. It’s only showing that a very limited and specific sampling of people, i.e. the readers of your blog, (of which there really don’t seem to be that many) prefer the Zend Framework. Almost any objective measurement with a large, non-specific sample size shows CakePHP on top. In addition to Google Trends, I’d suggest you check out the graph timeline for mentions in Technorati. That also shows CakePHP ahead significantly.

  3. Nate, people who’ve voted this poll includs users of dzone.com and readers of my blog. This post was in the front page Dzone and many users of Dzone had participated in this poll and Dzone is a very popular place of tech savvy people and I think, we can’t ignore their choice.

  4. CakePHP is in first place, that’s true. But in my opinion symfony is the best framework in PHP.

  5. Amol

    http://www.google.com/trends?q=Zend%2C+CakePHP%2C+CodeIgniter%2C+Symfony is probably a better comparison. Shows Zend is way on top (although I realise that its been a while since the poll was posted)

  6. Well, obviously. “Zend” is a company. Try “Zend Framework” and you’ll see everything in its proper place.

  7. bakaneko

    @Amol, that comparison is wrong. The Zend FRAMEWORK, as opposed to Zend engine, did not start until 2005, but your graph is showing Zend in 2004. I think your graph is instead showing more of the Zend engine, which appeared on 1999 along with PHP 4. No wonder “Zend” is way ahead. 😉

  8. And where do you consider Yii Framework, also one of the popular and concerned PHP Frameworks.

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