Let’s set the “world record” by downloading Firefox 3

Which is your favorite web browser? It’s not going to be IE if you’re a web designer of developer. My personal favorite browser is Mozilla Firefox. And it is the one of the most popular browser among the tech people. Today is one of the great day for Mozilla.

They are officially lunching Firefox 3 and I couldn’t wait for it. It has a lot of new feature like one click bookmarking, much faster load times etc. You can get the detail of the new feature of the Mozilla Firefox 3 from here.

And, Spread Firefox has announced to set the world record by downloading Firefox 3 within 24 hour when it is available for download. And, I’m with it, I love this browser. Please download it within 24 hour to set this world record of most software downloaded in 24 hour.

Here is the download page of the Firefox 3, download it and let’s try to set the world record.

But I’m waiting waiting waiting and waiting………………….. and Now it is available for download.

UPDATE: It’s not going to break world record for sure……Mozilla’s site is down after the download of Firefox 3 is available for download……oufff……Mozilla guyz, You let us down.

UPDATE: It’s up again….let’s start downloading it guys

3 thoughts on “Let’s set the “world record” by downloading Firefox 3

  1. hem

    I downloaded twice thrice.. Firefox site was down first when i tried to download…

  2. Ya it was down for a moment…but finally it was up and I was able to download it…

  3. Well,Firefox didn’t set the world record.Sorry for the developers.8+ million downloads in 24 hours and thats not the bad number by any mean.

    Our PM has great site.Keep it up!!!

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