Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax Framework ?

Last time, I had published a poll asking which is the best PHP framework and in that poll Zend Framework stand out itself to be the most popular PHP framework among the PHP developers. This time ,I’ve come up with another Poll and I would you to participate in this POLL “Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax Framework?”.

There are many JavaScript and Ajax framework available in the web and I think a lot of Web developers are confused which one to begin with. Today, I would like to hear from you which is the best JavaScript Framework among the popular JavaScript framework jquery, prototype.js, mootools, Dojo and YUI.

First let’s see some facts about these framework.If you look at the google trend of these JavaScript and Ajax framework Dojo seems to be dominant in the year 2007 but jQuery seems to be popular these days.

And if you look at this Slick speed selecter test , it seems that Mootools is providing better performance than the other JavaScript frameworks. Prototype.js is one of the oldest JavaScript and Ajax framework which is widely used in many high profile websites over the Internet. Furthermore, YUI which is supported by yahoo and is another strong framework in the list.

If you ask me which one is best JavaScript framework?, My personal favorite is jQuery as you can  see lots of examples in this blog with jQuery. One plus point of jQuery is that it is supported by large community and have a very good documentaion with example in jquery.com.

But I would like to hear from you which JavaScript and Ajax Framework you recommend for other to  use in their project.

Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax framework?

  • jQuery (52%, 356 Votes)
  • Dojo (14%, 99 Votes)
  • Prototype.js (13%, 91 Votes)
  • Ext.js (9%, 62 Votes)
  • Mootools (7%, 47 Votes)
  • YUI (Yahoo User Interface) (7%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 690

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20 thoughts on “Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax Framework ?

  1. If you add the term ‘javascript’ to Google’s trend tool, you get a result graph that seems to track well with what I believe the popular consensus is among these libraries.


    After all, there are 14M+ searc results for the term ‘dojo’ and only 2.5M for ‘dojo javascript’.

  2. i think Prototype + script.aculo.us is more powerful than any other framework.

  3. CS44

    While I appreciate what you’re trying to do, I must admit that I find this whole “vote for the best” a little silly. What framework a team chooses is almost always a function of scope, feature set, and learning curve.

    When you consider the Dojo toolkit in this vote, I have to wonder if we’re approaches Apples to Oranges…

  4. Aotearoan Blue

    Basically none of these frameworks can be/should be compared against each other; not even jQuery and Prototype. Each of them has its own unparallel ease-of-use and feature-set.

    Those people who have used ExtJs know very well that there is no better alternative available today. It internally uses Prototype, jQuery, YUI or its own Ext-base as adapter. So logically, how can you compare these against each other?

    Each of them solves different purpose. The question is – which one solves yours? And I bet no third person or any popularity contest can answer that question for you. You have to explore them all and choose the one that fits your project requirements.

    Looking at the above results jQuery certainly can’t do a thing that ExtJs can; but jQuery is simple not supposed to do that!! Unlike ExtJs or Dojo, it’s not there to make GUI development easy.

    I am afraid these results may misguide a lot of people.

  5. @all- I’ve no hard feeling for above popularity contest.. We all know that all the above JavaScript framework many similar kind of activities like DOM manipulation, ajax, css manipulation and easy way to ajax etc and there is nothing wrong to compare one with another..

    You can see the comparison among the selectors of various JavaScript framework in even Mootool’s official website


  6. Although i have used Jquery a lot , i think that the best Ajax – javascript Framework is Adobe’s SPRY.

  7. FYI: DOMAssistant wins the speedtest over Mootools and all others.


  8. JoeV

    This post seems to be an attempt to get a nice little flame war going on your blog. Plus everything that Aotearoan Blue said.

  9. I have created a custom library for JavaScript – I prefer using that. But thats based on jQuery – so that must be my favorite in the given list.

    By the way, I recommend an ‘Others’ option in your poll.

  10. We are using prototype and scriptaculous in all our projects and i think it is the best js framework.

    YUI is also good but it generates too much code.

  11. eucalyptus

    Although the listed frameworks are amongst the most well known, there are actually many others that are well worth consideration. To name just a few:

    Adobe Spry

  12. Why all the hostility? Yeah yeah yeah, these frameworks do different things, each has it’s purpose, blah blah blah….That’s not reason not to compare.

    The fact that they have more than 2 things in commons is basis for a comparison. With the same ridiculous logic, one would say don’t compare Ford to Toyota?

    Come on people…

  13. I vote for Prototype + script.aculo.us .

  14. Alomgir Miah

    It must be ASP.NET AJAX. It integrates so well with the Server-side code given the set of Object Oriented libraries. Its very maintainable. It is 100 times faster to code than any other framework. Microsoft has done hell of a good job here.

  15. nice info sharing. Thank’s a lot for informatif posting ^_^

  16. Olav

    I’m using dhtmlx and pretty happy with the tools. As for your list, I’d vote for jQuery.

  17. j2ibeo

    As for me, EXT JS is fantastic to use plus it’s client side presentation is very neat.
    However, in terms of productivity, sigmawidgets is the best!
    They have this visual IDE stuff where you can drag and drop objects like visual basic thing. I heard that EXT JS have also their version of visual IDE but only for screenshots purposes. I hope, they have this visual IDE and I will stick with them.

  18. I’d say jQuery, I haven’t tried many others (some MooTools) but I don’t see anything lacking in jQuery, it’s so easy to use…

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