Useful Keyboard Shortcut keys in Mozilla Firefox

Today, I was playing with Firefox 3 and really enjoyed surfing the net with Firefox 3. It looks really cool. Today, I discovered some of the useful keyboard shortcut keys for the Mozilla Firefox Browser. I want to share this with you guys.



Useful Shortcut keys in Mozilla Firefox

Ctrl + T – Open new tab in the Firefox browser.

Ctrl + W – Closes the active tab of the browser

Ctrl + SHIFT + T – Reopens the recently closed Tab

Middle Mouse Click – When you click the link with scrolling button, Firefox automatically opens the link in new tab

Ctrl + L – Move the cursor to the address bar of the browser

Ctrl + K – Move the cursor to the search bar of the top right side of Firefox

SpaceBar – Scroll down the page

Shift + SpaceBar – Scroll Up the page

Ctrl + “+” – Zoom in the current web page

Ctrl + “-“ – Zoom out the current web page

Ctrl + R or F5 – Refresh the page

Ctrl + F5 – Refresh the page fetching content from the server not from the cache

12 thoughts on “Useful Keyboard Shortcut keys in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Bogdan

    Wow, I never knew about the power of the middle button in the mouse. Quite useful, not having to CTRL + click, which I previously did.

    Also, as alternatives, ALT + D takes you to the address bar, while CTRL + E focuses the search box

  2. Hi:

    I hate to say this, but these shortcuts are nothing new!
    They’ve existed for a long time.

    Still, good tips for beginners…….

  3. @kamy – it might be old for you but will be nice for me if a developer learns single shortcut from above list..

    I’ve to write for beginners as well as for expert developers..I’ve to include all kind of post in this blog..

  4. khalid

    Hey, i cant blv u have learned these shortcuts on 19 june 2008.

    Now i can understand y u do mistakes in php,Regarding AND OR operator.
    U need more concentration buddy !

  5. khalid

    u r an expert and discovered these shortcuts 2 days ago ???? still cant blv it, u must be cheating ppl.Dont do that Or i might be making things out incorrectly.Plz explain, thanks.

  6. Hey I believe the third shortcut is a little inaccurate. You have to use Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen previously closed tab. Ctrl + Shift + W prompts you on whether you want to bookmark your tabs before closing browser. Your blog is great by the way!

  7. @khalid – First of all I would like to tell you that I’m not cheating people.

    I’ve no shame in saying that I’ve learnt all those shortcuts except first two and last four on the 19th of June. It is not necessary that you must be expert in keyboard shortcut of browsers if you’re good in web development. I don’t know any special shortcut keys of of opera and safari and It might be possible to post them in future and I won’t be cheating people I think.

    And regarding “AND” and “OR” operator post, please check the code I’ve posted it will give you the undesired result the way I’ve mentioned in the post…

    Please check the code and execute it and look at the result before blaming me….

  8. khalid

    i’m taking back my words dear.Actually it appears to me that you knew all the things long before and garnishing it your blog.But still i like your good work.keep it up.

    Regarding “AND” “OR” operator,i never said that the code you provided is giving correct result.It is actually giving meaningless result ( not undesired ).If we put salt in tea instead of sugar it will taste bitter.Therefore, we should know how to use the operators to get the desired results.

    long live PHP !!!

  9. haha too much of talking above …
    anyways Roshan, Khalid has a point …
    I too though that you knew about those keywords before you wrote this post…
    Long Live Java :)

  10. well, I’ve already told , I learnt 6 of them on that day only…there is nothing to doubt about this issue…

  11. You people need to back off seriously…

    Maybe he used to use firefox only to test his scripts for compatability and therefore used a different browser for his personal browsing therefore maybe he did not know these. Does that matter?

    Thats like me saying to you khalid, you shouldnt be posting here because you dont speak english correctly or use grammer correctly. But who am i to say that? this is a public blog not a forum of hostility.

    Before you post again make sure you think about what you’re saying and have some respect.

    Thanks rosh, i learnt a couple of things from that, Ctrl + Shift + T = Reopen TAB, very useful if you accindently close the wrong tab, much easier than using the history thats for sure 😉


  12. @Tarquin – calm down dude….Khalid have been a bit harsh to me at the beginning but have +ve points for me as they think that I know everything he he….

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