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Don’t use “and” and “or” logical operator in PHP, it has flaw

Today, When I was doing some programming stuffs and I found out that there is serious flaw in the "and" , "or" logical operator of PHP. I'm not talking about the symbol "||" and "&&" logical operator. I'm talking about the "and" and "or" logical operator (operator with words). Full story
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Don’t marry a girl related to IT profession!!

Today I found a interesting information about marrying a girl who is related to IT profession. And, it suggest that not to marry a girl who is related to the software development field. You want to know why just check out the reason below. Full story

Which is the best PHP framework ?

I've been asked a lot of times which is the best PHP framework. Well, it's a very difficult question to answer this question and there are some pros and corns in each framework. So, today I would to hear your views via poll. Please let everybody know which is the best PHP framework among CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter and Seagull. So that, it will be easier for the PHP developer to choose right framework for the next project. And please post the comment, if you've something more to say. Full story

Parsing the XML in easy way using PHP

Parsing the XML has been a tough task among the programmer of PHP. I frequently get questions from my friend and via email "How can we parse XML in an easy way? It seems to be a tough task". If SimpleXML extension is loaded in PHP then it's not a tough task. But, keep in mind that SimpleXML extension of PHP is only available from the PHP 5.0. Full story
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Some Magical and weired bug in Microsoft Windows

Today, I got a interesting email from one of my friend. And, There were few magical bug about Microsoft windows and Microsoft word in that email. I tried it and found that these are really interesting bug and don't know what is this and why these bugs haven't been solved by Microsoft. Full story
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