Get travel insurance before visiting new places

One of my friend in Australia planning a flight to Nepal and it was a good news for me . It’s been a good news for me and I wanted to welcome him but don’t know when the political parties call bandh(strikes). Furthermore, crime rate is going up a bit of high these days in Nepal. It is true that traveling to any country which is new to you, is unpredictable and circumstances can be unpredictable.

I advised him for get the Travel Insurance Direct and come to Nepal. He was wondering where to get the cheap and online travel insurance and I showed his In Australia, most of the people are getting travel insurance from the travel agency from where people have to pay extra commission to travel agency. If you get the travel insurance from, you’ll save around 66% of amount in travel insurance.

One of the other benefits this company is that they’re providing online travel insurance policy via Internet. You can get the quote from their website. If you’re traveling to Nepal, then check their website why do you need to get the travel insurance!!

4 thoughts on “Get travel insurance before visiting new places

  1. Rob

    Good article. Not enough thought is given to travel insurance when people book a trip. If they buy it they buy the most conveniently available policy – which might not be the best or cheapest.

  2. Travel insurance are very benfecial for the people who travel regularly because they will enjoy special benefits with it.

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