Firebug and Google Toolbar was not working for me in Firefox 3

Today, I got the new and over talked Firefox 3 today. It looks great from all the point of view but there are some sad stuff along with this download for me. I couldn’t use some of my Firefox add-ons with this new version of Firefox3.



Update : sorry guyz for posting it in a hurry, it’s working for me right now, actually id didn’t work in the first installation of Firefox 3, Thanks guyz for commenting.

Too sad, Firbug is not compatible

I’m really upset that Firebug is not compatible with the current version. It is one of my favorite add-ons of Firefox. Firebug is very useful and popular add-ons among web developers. Let’s hope new compatible version of firebug will be released asap.

Google Toolbar is also not compatible

Another one of the most popular add-ons of Mozilla, google toolbar is also not compatible with the Firefox 3. Come on, I store most of the bookmarks in Ggoogle and it seems that I won’t be able to store those books via Google Toolbar until this add-ons is revised for Firefox 3.

6 thoughts on “Firebug and Google Toolbar was not working for me in Firefox 3

  1. tripy

    Try to update your extensions before complaining…

  2. speps

    Just take the recommended Firebug 1.1 and stop whining.
    For your bookmarks use Foxmarks, it’s the best.

  3. Well, i am not 100% sure about the google toolbar but you should really research before you blog about something… Firebug is compatible if you use the right one…
    you need to use the v.1.2.x (alpha)
    I have firefox 3 on my mac and on my crappy windows. I installed Firebug on both of them last night and it is working great… now the zend toolbar on the other hand… works on Windows but not on mac… that i am still researching.

  4. @speps- Thanks for the mentioning that plugin

    @tripy and @Jeremy – sorry guyz for posting it in hurry…Actually when I first installed firefox 3 over firefox 2 then I got such a nasty result as these two ad-ons were vanished I though it is not compatible with the the latest version…..

    sorry guyz for the posting it in the hurry before researching …

  5. Use SearchStatus Plugin for Page Rank, there are many others like Seo for Firefox…

  6. cj

    Anyone know if the google toolbar incompatibility problem will be fixed soon. I really like the bookmark option in google toolbar.
    This allows me to have my bookmarks available on all 3 of my computers.

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