Don’t marry a girl related to IT profession!!

Today I found a interesting information about marrying a girl who is related to IT profession. And, it suggest that not to marry a girl who is related to the software development field. You want to know why just check out the reason below.



Never marry a Testing girl since she always doubts U.

Never marry a DATABASE girl since she always wants her husband to be a UNIQUE key.

Never marry a C girl because she always have a tendency to BREAK the things and EXIT from house.

Never marry a C++ girl as u may encounter some problems in INHERITANCE.

Never marry a JAVA girl since she always throws EXCEPTIONS.

Never marry a VB girl since she has divorce FORM with her always.

Never marry a UNIX girl ,she always dump u with a core.

Never marry a PASCAL girl ,she always scolds u as rascal.

Never marry a COBOL girl since she may be very good in DIVISION of families.

Never marry a NETWORK girl since she may be very good in shooting troubles.

Did you get that ??? LOL……

4 thoughts on “Don’t marry a girl related to IT profession!!

  1. Sony

    What if a girl is working in PHP?

  2. She will be used by large number people (as PHP is being used by large number of developers)…..

    LOL :-)

  3. rfaireather

    It’s a good analogy. I’ve always found women to be very verbose. They hardly ever TRY at anything, if you CATCH my drift… and one little thing you do wrong, and it’s either DIE, or a blank look.

    And, just like a woman, when they hear a $tatement they’ve never heard before, it’s immediately FALSE.

  4. khalid

    i’m a project manager , i can handle all …. hehehehehe 😉

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