Making accordion menu using jquery

Last time, I’ve shown how to create accordion using jquery. But, In this post I’ll show you how can you create fancy accordion menu using jQuery. In this post, you’ll see two examples of accordion. First menu’s visibility get’s toggled on clicking on the header while the another menu’s visibility get’s toogled when mouse is moved over it.

Live Demo of accordion menu using jQuery

HTML structure for accordion menu using jQuery

<div id="firstpane" class="menu_list">
  <p class="menu_head">Header-1</p>
    <div class="menu_body">
	<a href="#">Link-1</a>
  <p class="menu_head">Header-2</p>
    <div class="menu_body">
	<a href="#">Link-1</a>
  <p class="menu_head">Header-3</p>
    <div class="menu_body">
        <a href="#">Link-1</a>

As you can see the structure, the elements of the menu are inside the div with class “menu_list”. And each blocks of menu contains the header with class “menu_head” and div with class “menu_body”. Note that, there is another pane with the id “secondpane” whose code is similar as above and not posted above.

CSS code for accordion menu using jQuery

.menu_list {
	width: 150px;
.menu_head {
	padding: 5px 10px;
	cursor: pointer;
	position: relative;
       background: #eef4d3 url(left.png) center right no-repeat;
.menu_body {
.menu_body a {
.menu_body a:hover {
  color: #000000;

I’m not a good color chooser so please forgive me for the color combinations. Above CSS code is straight forward and you can change is according to your need. Note that, the display property in “menu_body” is set to “hidden” so that the menu links are hidden when the page is loaded. Furthermore, the display property in the link inside “menu_body” class is set to “block” so that each menu appears in new line. You can see a image in the “menu_head” class, this is the image which gets changes with the visibility of the menu item in each menu’s head.

I’ve used the images from sweetie icon pack, you can download the other beautiful icon from the their website.

Javascript Code using jQuery

Now finally look at the JavaScript code to accomplish this, first of we need to import the jQuery library

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>

And, then we need to write few lines of simple code in jQuery to do this, let’s look at the jquery code of the first accordion menu whose visibility gets toggled on the mouse click event on each header,

//slides the element with class "menu_body" when paragraph with class "menu_head" is clicked
$("#firstpane p.menu_head").click(function()

When the paragraph with class “menu_head” inside the element with the id “firstpane” gets clicked, the background image of it changed to down arrow. And then, next div with class “menu_body” gets slided in toggling it’s visibility. Furthermore, the other sibling’s div with class “menu_body” gets slided up. And then, the background image of the other sibling’s of “p” is changed to left arrow. Now look at the code of the accordion menu under mouse over effect.

//slides the element with class "menu_body" when mouse is over the paragraph
$("#secondpane p.menu_head").mouseover(function()

This code is preety similar to the above code but the difference is only that this accordion menu works on the mouse over effect whereas the above accordion menu works on the mouse click event.

Download Source Code

If you want to learn more about jQuery then you can check the following books and buy them.I really recommend the book “jQuery in Action” for starting your way for jQuery.

Learning Jquery: Better Interaction Design and Web Development with Simple JavaScript Techniques

Jquery in Action

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