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How to disable context menu in browsers ?

Today, I would like to share a fairly simple technique to disable right click menu of the website. I was using around 10-15 lines of JavaScript code to disable the menu that appears on the right click on the browser. Full story

How to display panel (div) only in Internet Explorer (IE)

If you view this blog in Internet Explorer(IE), you'll a small yellow panel in the top of this blog but you can't see that block if you open this blog in other browsers. And, a lot of people has asked me how can we do that, today I would like to share that tips with you guys. This IE specific comments will be easy for you to cope with the wired CSS bugs found in IE as well. Full story
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Get travel insurance before visiting new places

One of my friend in Australia planning a flight to Nepal and it was a good news for me . It's been a good news for me and I wanted to welcome him but don't know when the political parties call bandh(strikes). Furthermore, crime rate is going up a bit of high these days in Nepal. It is true that traveling to any country which is new to you, is unpredictable and circumstances can be unpredictable. Full story

Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax Framework ?

Last time, I had published a poll asking which is the best PHP framework and in that poll Zend Framework stand out itself to be the most popular PHP framework among the PHP developers. This time ,I've come up with another Poll and I would you to participate in this POLL "Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax Framework?". Full story

Zend framework is the most popular PHP framework

Today, I would to announce the result of poll which I've started last week titled "Which is the best PHP framework?". And it seems Zend framework is one of the most popular PHP framework among the PHP project developers. Full story
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