Create mobile sites in a fly using mobilemo

Have you accessed this blog through your mobile phones or PDA? It looks very big and totally inaccessible from those devices. These blog is basically designed and formatted to be fitted for the PC not for the small screened devices.And, you might know that the sites designed for mobile devices are known as “WAP sites” as it uses Wireless Application and they are designed to be fitted for the small screened mobile devices.

I was looking to create a WAP site to promote this blog on the mobile devices and today my search is over. I found a fantastic website called You can create mobile sites in simple and easy way using tools available in this website. Mobilemo offers a user-friendly platform to create and manage mobile website for the people all around the world. You can promote your classified website, auction websites, blogs through Mobilmo by creating mobile sites in a fly . Most interestingly, they’ve easy to use interface for creating mobile website which is great for those people who are not much familiar with web development. I’ve just created a mobile site on I’m customizing the layout of this site soon. Mobilemo provides background templates and customizable color schemes which can’t be found in other plain text WAP sites. Furthermore, Mobilemo also provides an interactive emulator which shows how mobile sites will look like when viewed through a mobile devices and previews the changes made in real-time. If you are looking to create mobile sites for your business then at least give a try and sign up to

3 thoughts on “Create mobile sites in a fly using mobilemo

  1. hem

    there is a WP plugin to do this automatically if ur site is visited from mobile device

  2. thanks hem….I didn’t know about that plugin..

  3. Do you know Movylo? a Mobile CMS to create your own mobile site! What do you think about it? I think Movylo has everything you need to easily create a mobile site or a blog!

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