how to choose suitable web hosting provider ?

Previously, this blog was hosted under a web server provided by a local web hosting provider out here in Nepal. I had few problems with that hosting provider and made up my mind to change the web hosting provider and I didn’t know which provider will be the best to choose among many found in the Internet.

Before choosing the web hosting provider, you should consider these main important factors and features in that server,

1) Uptime of server
2) Provided web space and allowed band-width per month
3) Allowed domains per account
4) The bonus features provided in particular product
5) The feedback or review provided by other users
6) Price per year

After all, I’ve chosen for the web hosting of this blog and of my other websites. Many many thanks to for the reviews of various web hosting providers in their website. As, you can see in their home page there are the list of top 10 web hosting providers and these top ten provider are based upon their features, price and the other bonus features. And, for each hosting provider in their list, they’ve all the details displayed in their website. Monitoring the uptime of various web hosting provider has been the one of the best feature for me in their website. Uptime gives the idea that how reliable that particular web hosting provider is. It can be measure for choosing best provider if you don’t want your website to be down many times in a day.

Furthermore, every web hosting provider endorses their product s is the best in the market but the crucial thing is user’s feedback about that hosting provider and thanks to webhostinggeeks for web hosting reviews on their website. You can read the other user’s feedback in their website before choosing any web hosting provider.And, you can post your own review about your web hosting provider in this website.

Finally, if you think you need more information for choosing your web hosting provider then you can check web hosting articles on their website. There are very useful information, articles and posts about various web hosting resources in this section. These high quality articles might be very useful for choosing appropriate and best web hosting provider for you.

9 thoughts on “how to choose suitable web hosting provider ?

  1. webhostinggeeks is a great find! it’s unfortunate, though, that they don’t allow you to search their site for web hosting providers or allow for side-by-side comparisons. their list of web hosts seems incomplete, too. I’d like to see, for example, how dreamhost matches up to 1and1, and how those two match up to pair, mediatemple, and theplanet. still, webhostinggeeks looks useful when combined with other resources, such as word-of-mouth, other web hosting review sites, and personal experience.

  2. ya right they should provide one by one comparison in their site which might be more useful for us. But, the information and reviews provided by them about particular host is just more than good I think….

  3. Hey… Interesting points for the Web Hosting! really these are solutions for the hosting questions…….

  4. Dale

    Haven’t some of your post gotten some big spikes in traffic from social media sites? How did bluehost handle that?

  5. At that time when I try to open this blog it gets stuck at that time for a minutes sometimes…but I’ve not found any kind of big issue with them…

  6. WebHostinggeeks is top hosting directory on Google & Yahoo. Would like to list my hosting company in their directory. How Can I?


  7. Well you can mail them ask them to list your website in their directory…Well they may charge some amount from you but It may worth for you I think..

  8. Well discussion about the selection of right webhosting service provider. I want to suggest that go for Hostmonster due to its reliable hosting plans.

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