Default arguments in the functions of PHP

If you are unaware of default argument in function then you should know that you candefine the function with default arguments in PHP as you can do it C and C++. Providing default arguments in the function can be very useful when you’ve to extend the the functionality of the previously written functions.

7 Useful functions to tighten the security in PHP

Security is a very important aspect of programming. In PHP, there are few useful functions which is very handy for preventing your website from various attacks like SQL Injection Attack , XSS attack etc.Let’s check few useful functions available in PHP to tighten the security in your project. But note that this is not a […]

how to choose suitable web hosting provider ?

Previously, this blog was hosted under a web server provided by a local web hosting provider out here in Nepal. I had few problems with that hosting provider and made up my mind to change the web hosting provider and I didn’t know which provider will be the best to choose among many found in […]

Some unusual comparison operations in PHP

Today I was working for a project and a weired comparison operation in PHP got my brain out for 2 hour and after searching in google I could able to figure out the problem and I’m posting here so that you guys who are unaware of this kind of comparison will not suffer in future. […]

Create mobile sites in a fly using mobilemo

Have you accessed this blog through your mobile phones or PDA? It looks very big and totally inaccessible from those devices. These blog is basically designed and formatted to be fitted for the PC not for the small screened devices.And, you might know that the sites designed for mobile devices are known as “WAP sites” […]

8 useful server variables available in PHP

You guys must have know about server variables in PHP. Server Variables are those variables which are inside the super global array named $_SERVER available in PHP. There are many server variables in PHP and some of them are very useful for fore developing PHP projects. I’m going to post here some of the very […]

Date format validation in PHP

Today Sushil asked me how can we validate the date which is entered from textbox in “YYYY-MM-DD” format. Well, we can validate the format of the date using regular expression but how to validate weather that date is valid date or not, such as “2007-02-29″ is the correct format of the date but it’s not […]

All kind of vehicle services for you

Today, I was talking with my friend who stays in Ripon, a city of England. He wanted to buy a medium-size vehicle and I’ve suggested him to buy Land Rover vehicle.He said he couldn’t afford it. Then I showed him a website which provides various services for LandRover like providing Loan for vehicles, servicing of […]

Animated content navigation effect using jquery

I always get bored with the same stuffs. And, I see same kind of content navigation to the different websites. Click a link, let’s the whole web page gets loaded and new page gets displayed. It would be better to show another content in the same page with few animation without loading the whole page.

Upgrade your wordpress – easily and quickly

Hello bloggers mates….well it might be little bit late for alerting you but I think you should upgrade your WordPress blog if you’re using the old version of it. There are a lot of security flaw in the previous versions.Furthermore, if you search in google with the keyword “My blog hacked” and you’ll get around […]