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How to execute PHP code entered from textbox or textarea

Yesterday, Sujit asked me how can we execute the php code entered through textarea in PHP. In many cases, it's not good to execute the php code entered from textarea in PHP from the secruity point of view but in some cases you may have to do this and I'm going to tell you here how you can do this in PHP. Full story

Default arguments in the functions of PHP

If you are unaware of default argument in function then you should know that you candefine the function with default arguments in PHP as you can do it C and C++. Providing default arguments in the function can be very useful when you've to extend the the functionality of the previously written functions. Full story

7 Useful functions to tighten the security in PHP

Security is a very important aspect of programming. In PHP, there are few useful functions which is very handy for preventing your website from various attacks like SQL Injection Attack , XSS attack etc.Let's check few useful functions available in PHP to tighten the security in your project. But note that this is not a complete list, it just list of functions which I found useful for using in your project. Full story
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Interesting Definitions of IT job People’s Designations

Today, I've got a interesting forward mail from one of my friend and I couldn't stop posting it here. Check out some of the very funny and interesting definitions of the various designations of the people related to the IT jobs. Please don't take the definitions too seriously. These definitions are just for fun and nothing to do with the professional world. Full story

how to choose suitable web hosting provider ?

Previously, this blog was hosted under a web server provided by a local web hosting provider out here in Nepal. I had few problems with that hosting provider and made up my mind to change the web hosting provider and I didn't know which provider will be the best to choose among many found in the Internet. Full story
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