Google’s Latest PR Update – I’m winner this time

Last time, I was was really disappointed by the google’s PR update. I was really unknown about some google’s terms and this blog have lost the PR and it went to zero. And believe me, this blog is lame without the traffic of google as it gets more visitor from search engine than the any of the referring site and can’t go against the terms of google.

It seems that google updated the PR recently and this time I’m the winner. Google has really seen the importance of this website and this site moved from PR 0 to PR 5 .Yes, it’s PR 5.

Now, it’s showing “92” backlinks in the google. After being slapped by google last time, I would have to say it’s been really a great PR update for me.

Please share your feeling about the latest PR update from Google.


25 thoughts on “Google’s Latest PR Update – I’m winner this time

  1. Congratulations! But what mistake have you made before? I am wondering, email me if you don’t mind coz there’s no subscribe to comment key here, :)

  2. hem

    Hey man congrats..

    did u do anything for this specially ( like putting nofollow for ur ad links )

  3. hi hem…I did remove the all links to PPP and furthermore I put nofollow tag to all the paid links…thats all man…and I’ve made a reconsideration request to google one month ago..thats all did the rest…..

  4. hem

    yesterday i removed all links to PPP.. i need to scan through my blog posts all again a see for paid links and then i will put a reconsideration request… lets seee now.. so now a PR5 blog can earn 100$ for some review easily.. good luck

  5. me too me too I am PR5 now! congratulations to you and me!

  6. Congrats on that 0 to 5 jump!

    I still don’t understand why other people’s PR went down, but mine stayed at 4. Am I just that lucky?

  7. thanks hem and congras to “Life on Mars”

  8. ya alisha…PR4 is good..and it went down only when you violate the norms of google…..

  9. La bro congrats and wish for being the best in IT sector of blogging world.

  10. I’m flying high Utshab….thanks a lott

  11. Congratulations!
    my blog pr is 2

  12. Congratulations!

  13. Roshan Bhai! Congratulations for the PR5. Its really amazing and mind blowing.

    I think now you will get tons of traffic from Google too 😉

  14. @ajay – thanks man

    @rehman – Thanks you as well…Even with PR 0 previously I used to get most the traffic from search google itself and now with PR5…I think it’s gonna boost up a bit

  15. Hi Roshan,

    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get over here, but a big congratulations for the PR5. Well done!

  16. Thanks stephen.. and you’re also moved to PR5..congratulation to you as well….

  17. wow! its amazing.

  18. is this the pR update now i have some website PR has changed and also backlinks increased can anybody tell me if any latest PR update in google…in august 2008

  19. yes I have also noticed but it is not general PR update….

  20. @gaurav- yes there was a PR update in the month of August 2008…

  21. IMF


    Hi Alisha, what I can see is that yours went to 0. Maybe you were also updated.

  22. I just noticed that my domain is flipping zero as well. That is strange because my domain gets hit by Google searches all the time :( Any help please?

  23. Hi,

    Its good jump let us know here more how you did :) or its automatically?


  24. Great post. Thanks for sharing.I am constantly searching online for articles that can aid me. Thanks!

  25. We no longer use pagerank as an seo factor – we prefer to use mozrank which is updated on a monthly basis and trust rank as well might play a more important role in the future.

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