7 thoughts on “Direct advertising on roshanbh.com.np

  1. hem

    Hey roshan, why dont u give Adsense a try..

  2. hem…..thanks for the suggestion..There is adsense in my blog dude..but due to low CTR I’ve chosen to display it just for the search engine visitors not direct visitors..because direct visitors don’t click ads usually and search engine visitors do…

    try search “slider ajax php” and come to my page you’ll see that ads but directly type that page in browser address bar..Ads won’t come…

  3. hem

    Thats pretty neat man.. and clever… do u have any tutorial about how to do that… sounds very effective…

  4. hem…wordpress have plugin to do this check this out


    It’s better to have high CTR otherwise you’ll suffer from smart pricing of adsense

  5. hem


  6. I agree with author! THX!

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