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Google’s Latest PR Update – I’m winner this time

Last time, I was was really disappointed by the google's PR update. I was really unknown about some google's terms and this blog have lost the PR and it went to zero. And believe me, this blog is lame without the traffic of google as it gets more visitor from search engine than the any of the referring site and can't go against the terms of google. Full story

How to know and handle disabled javascript in browser

In this blog, I've been writing a lot of tips and tutorials using JavaScript. I really love JavaScript and hope that you guyz also like it. But what to do when JavaScript is disabled in the client's browser?. I would like to redirect the visitor to a warning page where he'll be suggested to enable the JavaScript. Full story

Ajax login validation system in PHP using jQuery

Last time, I've showed you how to check user availability in Ajax using jQuery's fading effect. But I've just shown the example without connecting the database and some people have faced problem with database connecting solution of that problem.In this post, I'll show you how to use Ajax login system in php using jQuery and some animation as well. Full story
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Change default directory page using .htaccess

I know you guzy all know about index file. This is the default file which is executed in the web server. For example, if you type"" in this the browser, the "index.php" gets loaded first. This "index.php" file is commonly know as directory index file. Full story
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Direct advertising on

Direct advertising on
This blog is getting a decent number of visitors and this might be a good opportunity for the advertisers who want to promote their service, product or website about web development. This blog might be a doorway for you. View Pricing Detail » Full story
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