I’m Sorry !!! But Thank you for the achievement

I’m really sorry that I’ve not been posting in this blog from last few days. Well, I’m moving the hosting of this blog and the electricity problem which I’ve mentioned before are the reason behind my irregular posting. I’m also disappointed with drop in PR of this blog.

Well after few days, I’ll be back with some very useful resources once I move the hosting of this blog.

Thanks to all of you!!!

Today I’ve achieve one of the milestone for this blog.Today, when I checked the Alexa ranking for this blog, it was below 200,000.It is 190,688. You can check it from here.
I would like to thank all of you for the achievement of this blog in such a short period. As all of you know I’ve started blogging in this domain from 4th of Jan 2008.

4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry !!! But Thank you for the achievement

  1. at present, the alexa ranking of this site is 175,291.. that’s just great!!! :-)

  2. Thanks mukesh…

  3. I read your Post about your electricity problems. Much of the world is in need of electricity as you know. You do have choices; you can use the wind and the Sun to Power your Computers (I suggest you use LapTops). When you do have sun, you can use a photovoltaic system to make electricity directly from the Sun.

    Your local distributor is of Photovoltaic Systems is:
    Lotus Energy Pvt. Ltd.,
    Bhatbhateni Dhunge Dhara, P.O. Box 9219, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: +977 1 418 203
    Fax: +977 1 412 924
    Web: http://www.lotusenergy.com

    If I were you, I would work a deal with LotusEnergy, your programing skills will be useful to them. Also, I am sure, you are not the only programmer in your country with an electricity supply problem. I hope this inspires some ideas.


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