How to know the feedcount of the feedburner’s user?

If you are a blogger then you must know about feedcount. Feedcount refers to the no of subscribes of the rss feed of that blog or website which is powered by Feedburner. You can look at the example below.

– Feed Count of the Problogger

– Feed count of the Shoemoney.

If you want to know the number of Rss Subscriber of a particular blog who uses Feedburner and does not use the Feedcount in their blog then here is the tips for you to know the Feedcount of their blog if the Feedcount is enabled in their Feedburner’s account.

1) Know the feed URL of that blog. For example the rss feed URL of Techcrunch is

2) Just add ~fc before the name of the feed and preview it in browser.For exaple in above case the URL become

3) That’s all Feedcount of Techcrunch is :

2 thoughts on “How to know the feedcount of the feedburner’s user?

  1. Yeah, but it doesn’t work always.. feedburner user sometimes use different feed names than their original site’s name.

    look at my another blog :

    My feedname is different here..

    anyway, nice tips :)

  2. I never meant that the the name is the name of site rather than its the name of the particular feed. A user may have many feeds and their name might be different. A feedburner user may have more than one feed with the different name.

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