Jquery : Benefits, Examples and Free Ebook

What is jQuery?

Directly taken from the website of jQuery -” jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages”.It is basically a JavaScript framework for writing huge task of JavaScript with few lines of code.

What are the benefits of jQuery?

1) 5 lines of code of jQuery can perform better task than 25 lines of traditional Javascript code.
2) Various number of plugins are available and a large community support this project it is better to use jQuery in your project compared to other JavaScript frameworks like prototype.js or moottools .
3) jQuery’s website contains very good documentation with useful examples.
4) It simplifies the Ajax Development. Just have to write 5 or 6 lines to call the Ajax. Isn’t that easy??

Well these are just few benefits of jQuery but if you start using jQuery then you’ll come to know about the actual benefits of using jQuery. And believe me, It worth using jQuery in your web applications otherwise just blame me.

Basic Examples of jQuery :

    $(".button").click(function ()

In the above example, when a element with class “button” is clicked, all the paragraph element (“p”) will be hidden in the whole document in slow movement i.e. with slight animation.


Above is the example Ajax using jQuery, look how simple it is to use ajax using jquery.The response got from the sample.php file is filled inside the element whose id is “divid”.

Free Ebook for download :

Well I’ve downloaded a E-book of jQuery in chm format.It contains chm version of the document found in docs.jquery.com. This E-book contains the very good documentation as well as useful examples.

You can download the Ebook by clicking here.

31 thoughts on “Jquery : Benefits, Examples and Free Ebook

  1. I use jQuery exclusively on personal projects and at my “day job” for all the reasons you’ve listed. Additionally: the jQuery community is great! With so many plugins available, I haven’t thought of anything I couldn’t accomplish using this great library. The documentation is also very thorough, I bookmark http://docs.jquery.com/Main_Page on every computer I work on. I’ve tried some of the other libraries, but none seem to combine the ease-of-use and small footprint of jQuery.

  2. Sorry to just re-iterate 2 of your main benefits of using jQuery, I just really meant to emphasize how helpful the community and documentation are. Thanks for the link to the eBook!

  3. ya Gabe We really have to thanks John Resig(http://ejohn.org) for the such a wonder JavaS cript library. He’s genius.I have a dream of meeting him in my life and let’s see if that will be fulfilled or not.

  4. Nava Raj

    Hello Roshan Ji

    I like you blog very much. It contains much about PHP, AJAX and jQuery.

    I am interested in downloading the ebook of jQuery but it says that the file is corrupt?

    Could you please attach one in my email?

  5. Thanks for letting me know about this…..I’ve uploaded the new file to the server and It is not corrupted at all now….you can download it without any trouble…

  6. Senthil

    Hi Roshan,

    Thanks for your good article. Here after i will implement jQuery in my project. Can u post more tutorial with good examples.
    I hope u reply soon.

  7. Hi senthil…can you post some example of tutorial..which you would like to post in this blog…

  8. Also try jQuery UI, documentation is available in chm format in googlecode bundled with the main doc. google for it.

  9. Sunil Manandhar

    Hi Roshan,
    I like your blog,i found a very important materials for learning jquery, ajax, php.Keep it up man.
    I am new to jquery would you please send me the basic tutorials in my mail.

  10. Krunal Shah

    Hi Roshan…

    I want to learn jQuery starting from scratch…

    Please let me know where to start

    Waiting for your favorable reply

  11. Daniel

    Exelent article.
    Can you one day post a tutorial on how to build this form with all the features, like span, cookies, validation…?


  12. Strong points on side of jQuery. As two major benefits I’d like to complete the list of yours with:
    ability to handle chains of actions and,
    the fact that checking for NULL elements is unnecessary (however if using prototype you must ensure not to invoke methods on NULL objects).

  13. anil

    Thanks bro for the ebook.

  14. Hi cheers for the Ebook, are there any downsides to using Jquery against javascript then? That might be a bit of a daft question but I am more of a mortgage broker than web designer. I have used one of Janko’s Jquery scripts for expanding/hiding table rows which doesn’t work in IE8 and hopefully the Ebook will enlighten me on how to make it browser specific (unless anyone already knows this? or can I use show and hide functions in all versions of IE, Im getting no answers off his blog!) thanks.

  15. shumanru

    Great ebook.

  16. Diwakar(PHP My SQL Developer)

    My words will be very short to tell about benefit about Jquery.
    What we invested to think for making our client side interacive
    is already availabe in Jquery Library. It is a very faithful friend.

  17. bubba gump

    This line: “2) Various number of plugins are available and a large community support this project it is better to use jQuery in your project compared to other JavaScript frameworks like prototype.js or moottools .” Was not very well supported. Why is it better? prototype.js and moo are both very viable, and prototype is conceivably better written (subjective I suppose). i think jQuery is simply EASIER to use, but “better” requires some backup. I’d like to know why you think that. I know why I think it.

  18. ravi

    How to achieve viewstate concept in jquery and php combination, please any one help me out, in
    the forum, out getting any idea.

  19. ravi

    In page1, search panel is there, which is a expand and collapse jquery menu, expand the menu in the search panel a calendar control is present to select the date, and on submit, the page will refresh, at that time the menu is collapsing, how to acheive the previous state, which is a expanded menu, for date picking, ie, [view state concept]

  20. Prakash

    Good article

  21. I do really like this library, so far I have used it for Dom manipulation and applying effects. I have also heard that it is very powerful to interact with server aplications. Would somone recomend me a good book that explains the use of Jquery for ajax?
    Thanks a lot

  22. g


    nice info brother!

    thanks a lot!
    god bless u… 😀

  23. Free jQuery 1.5 & jQuery UI eBook:


  24. Vikram

    Thanks. very useful for me :)

  25. Free jQuery & jQuery UI eBook:


    Real-time tracking updates!

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