This blog’s Code and content is stolen – Please help

Hello everyone, I’m here to ask help from you. I’m here in Nepal and can’t do anything from here. But, I think in this matter you guyz can help me about content stolen over

First of look at my post about slider using ajax php and javascript.And, now look at this post from top to bottom, directly stolen tutorial in . And, look at the source of tutorial, it’s from What a joke, never publish tutorials. They just display the tutorials submitted by various users of that site.

I’ve informed them 3 times by posting comments in that post stating that I’m the owner of original post so please give my site’s link in the source. But, they never listed to me and deleted my comment all the three times.

From tomorrow, Everybody will start stealing content from other blog and what they’ll mention in the source’s name? I think you can guess it… , or

Please help me on this matter, I really work hard a lot to gather ideas and work hard on them and creates some output and post them to this blog. But, how can someone copy the really worked hard content and give credit to the social bookmarking site. We should avoid reading the content of site like that.

Please write me in the comments that what can i do this for this kind of crime. Furthermore, please digg , stumble and submit to reddit this post so that everyone using internet should know that how crappy is and take a right action against them.

Update: Thanks a lot everyone for your advise. I’ve sent a warning mail to and they’ve mentioned my blog’s name as a original source. Well, Each and every code i post in this blog is free to use and can be republished in other blogs but you must provide the credibility to this blog with original source.

16 thoughts on “This blog’s Code and content is stolen – Please help

  1. That sucks, but I have no idea what can be done to stop it. I have never had it happen to me yet, let me know how it works out.

  2. Ya really don’t know what to do…I think i should contact google and tell them to de-index their website. Even they are in the first page of google when you type “slider ajax php” in google.

  3. What jerks… let’s all boycott these idiots!

  4. I’d call a lawyer.

  5. Paulo

    I made a program that get all posts of a BLOGSPOT site.

    This program is build on Delphi 2007.

    The BLOGSPOT have a cheat to show all the posts, and i read all the page and generate files with all informations of the posts.

    After i only put this files on a path on my server and a php script that i made too, put all in the database of my wordpress blog.


  6. In place of putting actual code in your posts, put images of your code. This will make it harder for them to copy and paste. They will have to retype everything if they want it.

  7. you are right derik….but is there anything we can do against

  8. JAlexoid

    Report this to Google also. They handle a lot of those cases. They just ban the sites from their searches, I believe that they would not like that…

  9. Yes I’m going to complain about them to google and their hosting provider And both of these are USA based company …hope they’ll take some action against them…

  10. Rob
  11. Pat

    It sucks that credit for your work is being stripped away! But your ideas are being spread and reaching many people, there is that. Plagiarism sucks when other people take credit for your work, but it is nice to know your ideas are good enough to steal eh?

  12. Release it under an open source license. Then there’s no problem.

  13. It’s nice to see my codes in other website but a credit and backlink should be given to original author…otherwise it’s totally stealing….

  14. Crops

    Copyright your code before posting in public (you can do it with then go to a lawyer and get a monetary compensation. But you already published without own it so you cannot fight.

    WTF!!! get a coder revenge!!! shutdown or hack their site!!!

  15. Okay, go through your logs and see if you can figure out which IP address they’re coming from. Then deny that IPAddress access via a .htaccess file…(assuming you are using Apache) or in the code that displays your pages, detect if the address is the one in question and redirect them somewhere else. don’t render the page…

    perhaps that will help.

  16. @crops- I’m thinking to complain to google and their hosting provider..BTW thanks for the suggestion of revenge

    @ryan- I need solution of this problem from all the site not from only…

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