A programmer in extreme frustration- God help me !!

Friends, today I’m not going to talk about PHP , Ajax or MySql either. I’m going to talk about the disaster and hurdle I’m facing here in Nepal as web developer in this stone-age country.I haven’t found any place to show my frustration so I’m sharing my grief out here in this blog.

Well you might be thinking why this person is so frustrated??? The main reason behind this is electricity cut off.We’re facing daily 8 hour electricity cut off which government named as a load shedding.And no electricity for 8 hour means a lot for the developers like me.While you are writing a code for the particular module and if you are interrupted by some reason it will take another 1 hour to get back to place where you were before. Interruption for 8 hour per day is really frustrating at all. I’m a coder and i collect bucks for me and my family by writing code.I get paid for the hourly basis. How the f$#k will survive if i can’t write the code???

And further adding to my frustration, Nepal electricity Authority has decided to increase the 8 hour load shedding to 11 hour,if there will not be any rain in Next two week.So I’ve to face this situation until the next heavy rainfall because electricity production in our country massively depends upon the hydro-power.Which means I’ve to wait until rainy season if there will not be any rain in next two week. I’ve to spend the half of the day without electricity. What should i do at that time? Now I’m shouting at myself why did i become a programmer or IT Professional?? Why didn’t i chose another field where electricity is less needed for daily routine??

Now somebody will say if you really need electricity that much why don’t you use generator. Right, i can use the generator but where the hell is Petrol and Diesel in our country?? If you go to any petrol station, you can find two board attached , NO DIESEL and NO PETROL. If you see a very long queue of vehicles and motorbikes somewhere around a petrol station then you can easily guess that this station is distributing petrol and you can join the queue but its not sure weather you get the Diesel or Petrol or not!!!

God please help me !!!!!!!

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  1. I can’t imagine what you are going through, stay strong. I don’t know how I would react in the same scenario, but I enjoy your blog and I hope you continue to post regularly. What you’re writing is helpful to people, I hope knowing that will help you persevere!

  2. PAz

    Why not just buy batteries, for example laptop batteries, and charge them up when the electricity is on?
    I assume you pay for the electricity you use, so it would be no different to use more while the electricity is on and then switch to batteries.

  3. I am so sorry for you man, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Good luck! I will ask my God to bless you.

  4. PAz sure i can buy battery for my laptop but the other problem is internet connection, cable internet is distribute with amplifiers in various area, if no electricity at that time then Internet connection sucks at that time!!

  5. Great job bro. :) Thanx for writing our biggest problem.

  6. I would totally freak out too.. if it holds on you should consider getting a Battery for your computer like for servers if the power fails they usually hold ~3 Hours having 2 of those will at least help a bit..


  7. Hello roshan ji ,

    well i read u r article, i knew one thing more that u have some more feelings rather than and .
    I was just checking mine WHM and found that u r using the largest bandwidth(he he he ). So i surfed the site and found roshan ji is too much angry in blog with NEA.

    Y au r point of view is very good, we are really f&k*s to stay he in nepal and also one more thing that why u r upset by the profession. Everything is connected , if u do other job then also the electricity comes in between. We cant go bak to the past or remote areas where we can find the remote (tv ko kya).

    I hope soon the day will come in nepal that one people will say to another people that “when that man will dine i will eat him”. Due to hunger.

    There are lots of factor, coz some of the b*a%y things are happening in nepal which i can describe in a sentence. “There are three types of son, father is going to die, one will go for medicine , other stays near and cry and the last one is thinking “when my father will die i will open his golden watch”.

    Yup the same thing is happening here , the third sons are too much and have vulture nature. We dont have electricity but see some of ur neighbour they are enjoying in light.

    East or west nepal(made in india) is waste. I love my country too. I know soon it will come under india coz all nepalese are going abroad and females are busy watching hindi serials , some groups of serial actors will come to nepal and say “tumhara nepal humko de do – nahi toh hum serial bandh kar denge” . ani k garen jimaa lagauchan , athen hami bahira bata farkida chai , airport ma india ko jhanda ,

    At last i want to suggest u one thing roshan ji, haresh khanu bhayana , kahaiel kahi line gayako bela bhetna aaunu na ani bijuli office ma gayara DHUNGA hannu parchha.

    Ani arko kura , yo post lekhda chai last ma submit gare pachi , thanks , 4 gave me your 200/300/400/560 seconds , bhanera aaune banaunu ta chado .

    La maile ta dikkai lagaye hola haina , bye

  8. Yes thomas I’m considering about that as well but it is not sure when i’m using the laptop internet might be available or not due to load shedding.

    And thanks pracas ji for valuable your valuable comments..

  9. Use a stationary bike? as long as there is food you can convert it to electricity by having the people who eat it pedal a stationary bike while you code.

    maybe you can have an ox pull a generator or something. but a bunch of old car batteries and an inverter is probably better

  10. Dankoozy thanks for the suggestion but i can’t afford pedal electricity and people to do it and furthermore I don’t have any ox at all in my home..

  11. subesh

    Yeha! this is exactly what i was feeling sad about..Y don’t we F@#K.. the NEA

  12. will

    buy a UPS with 45+ minute backup time.

  13. will thanks for the suggestion i’ve a laptop which works for around 2 hour but the load shedding is around 8 hour per day and still growing…

  14. Same problem for me as well. I am also passing through the same situation. Well, in off hours (when there is no electricity ;)), I read books that I like, go to visit some beautiful/religious places, sleep, gossip with frens, have a sun-bath, … haha.. there are lot more things we can do !!! Except coding/programming 😀

  15. I think Mukesh has it sussed. Go do something else you enjoy when there is no power. I do the same – at home when there is a power cut we only use the generator to power the coffee machine :)

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