Google Updated the PR – I’m disappointed

It seems that google has updated it’s PR yesterday and I got big fat zero this time. I don’t know what is the reason behind this. Previously I’d PR1 for this blog and in next update I was hoping of PR3 but got a huge “0” this time.

Prviously, there was only one backlink in the google for ““. But when i checked yesterday with “” in Google. It was showing 24 back links. I don’t know what had happened and what is going on.

If you have any idea then please let me know why this happened to my blog. Why Google has decreased the PR of my website?

4 thoughts on “Google Updated the PR – I’m disappointed

  1. Hi Roshan,

    Where do you check your PR? I have checked several sites and they still have the same PR.

  2. I’ve checked my PR in the google toolbar as well as from, it’s dropped today to zero…i’m really disappointed i was hoping PR3 at this time……

  3. I suspect the text ad links and other aspects are hindering your PR.

    please read my insights here on this very issues:

    btw, nice to see you on blogosphere.

  4. Roshan,

    I think you’ve been penalised by Google for paid links. Your Smorty post would be enough to do it, as you link to Smorty and have presumably been paid for the post, but you don’t use nofollow on the links. That’s against Google’s Terms Of Service.

    If you want to get your toolbar PR back, you can add nofollow to the links in that post (if your contract with Smorty allows you to do this) and then request Reconsideration from Google (on right hand side of Google’s Webmaster Tools).

    I was slapped by Google too, but I was using PayPerPost. With PayPerPost, you have to leave the post as is for 1 month. It was after a month, so I added nofollow to the links and requested reconsideration and got my PR back..

    Good Luck.

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