Get Bucks for your hobby

Everybody has different type of hobby. My hobby includes traveling, listing to music and obviously the most is blogging. Writing about Php, Ajax, Javascript, web 2.0 and my personal interest has been my passion nowadays. And what do you need extra if you can earn money from blogging. Well, everybody wants to make money from blogging. Although, some bloggers say they don’t blog for money but I think it’s not true at all.And, if you really want to make money from your passion and hobby then why don’t you check out this website!!!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Smorty is the marketplace which connects blogger with the advertisers. Bloggers can make money by writing opinion about advertiser’s website and product.And, Blogger have to put a link back to the advertiser’s website.If you are blogger then I recommend you to sign up to smroty and get paid for blogging. And, if you are a advertiser and want to promote your product or website through blogs then why don’t you advertise on blogs using the service provided by smroty. So guys, what are you waiting for, why don’t you also blog for money and pay your monthly bills by blogging.

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