Blogrush is Racist – It sucks

I’ve seen that many of my blogger friend are using Blogrush widget in their blog so i wanted to give a try with this widget and i signed up for this website

After signing up, i’ve had to enter the detail of my blog i entered my website’s URL I’ve got the error message please enter the correct blog URL. I tried 5 times and i got the same error message and then i tried with but there was no such error.


Then i though they might be accepting TLD(top level domain) not ccTLD(country code top level domain) . And the i tried and entered as Blog URL and as feed URL then i got this error message ” The RSS Feed you submitted has an invalid format. (Parse Error: No posts in feed)“.


I was amazed and shocked. It accepted that URL. What a hell is this, it’s accepting domain and not ?? I can’t use my domain for for blogrush. Every site is accepting my domain but why the hell is this kind of racism for the domain of Nepal by Blogrush. Because it is a small country or why Blogrush why ??????.I need answer. If this blog have been rejected with the reason of less traffic or low PR then it would have been accepted for me. But not allowing whole URL but allowing URL is annoying and is out of my understanding. If this is other than racism then please let me know.

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  1. anon

    Man! We can’t even fly our own flag here in England without being called racists by all of the foreigners living here!!! Why are so many people quick to jump on the racist bandwagon?

    Why don’t you just contact them and ask them to allow their regex for email is obviously lacking a few ccTLD’s.


  2. This happened to me before three days and i mail them about this problem but did not get any reply from them and today i’ve tried the same again….and the same thing happened … and i become frustrated.All the other internet service reply their customer’s email and for the problem like this they solve this as soon as they can…I don’t know what is their problem ?? Is that because i’m from a poor country like Nepal!!!!

  3. I don’t know if blog rush is racist. I just don’t think they offer all the abbreviations. np is definitely not a very common one. Besides, i wouldn’t worry too much about this widget. I have it on my blog, and it really hasn’t brought me in any traffic. I don’t know what the hype is about. try entrecard. They actually are pretty good about bringing in extra traffic.

  4. Trust me. Blogrush sucks anyway. You will receive almost no visitors for the space it takes up.

  5. I’ve seen evidence that DIGG has some strange political agenda (I’m not sure exactly what it is, just that certain bloggers get banned for no apparent reason except that they have unusual viewpoints). I haven’t seen or heard that BlogRush has the problem that you encountered, so it is hard to say what the real issue is. But, there have been a lot of posts about BlogRush being a bad service overall, unresponsive and worse. I wrote a post about it and removed BlogRush from my blog after reading enough to make me uncomfortable.

    I don’t know anything about entrecard except that is has received some criticism on bloggingzoom and praise elsewhere. Hard to know what to believe.

    Anyway, sorry you had this trouble. I had to give up on more than just BlogRush, I also removed a comment system because, after the bugs I suffered from were “escalated to the next level of service”, I never heard from them again.

    So, I think that there are a lot of companies that are moving too fast and can’t support their users.

    Best wishes! Jim

  6. Didn’t know – thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been using BlogRush for a while too and are not sure how much traffic it makes. I should have to look more into it.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  7. hey RennyBA….blogrush really sucks man…they don’t generate traffic at all…it just occupy your space on the sidebar…..

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