7 Useful SEO tips for WordPress Blog

Yesterday Luqmaan of computer-realm.net emailed me and asked about the secret of traffic of my blog. I’m very happy with the way traffic is growing in this blog. I’ve started this blog in this domain http://roshanbh.com.np from 4th of Jan 2008. All the other old posts are imported from my old blog http://php-ajax-guru.blogspot.com.Due to few […]

Custom Error Page with .htaccess

In my last post of Hiding .php file extension with .htaccess Michael has mentioned that you can create your own custom page for the the 404(not found) error in server. And alex wanted to know that tip as well.Alex here is the post for you rather than replying your comment.

Need loans for your IT Company??

Do you want to open your own IT company? Is your IT company suffering from financial crisis? Then I would recommend to check EZUnsecured.com . They basically provide Business Loans. And why they’re better than the other?? There is an easy process to get loans from EZUnsecured.com . Furthermore, they provide the excellent service and […]

Email address validation in PHP

Well you’ve been asking why this person has posted the same stuff which you can find easily in google. Ya you are right you can get lots of scripts but many of them are not useful for me so far. They just validate the email like “info@yahoo.com” but they didn’t validate the email address like […]

Get Bucks for your hobby

Everybody has different type of hobby. My hobby includes traveling, listing to music and obviously the most is blogging. Writing about Php, Ajax, Javascript, web 2.0 and my personal interest has been my passion nowadays. And what do you need extra if you can earn money from blogging. Well, everybody wants to make money from […]

Register Globals ( register_globals ) “on” security problem in PHP

Do you know what happend when register_globals is set to ON in php.ini?? When it is set to ON it registers Environment, GET, POST, COOKIE or Server variables as global variables i.e. you don’t need to write $_POST[‘username’] to access the posted ‘username’ variable you can simply use ‘$username’ to access the $_POST[‘username’].