Visitor Overview of last 6 days -Thanks a lot for your Love !!!!

I’ve moved this blog to my domain on 5th Jan 2008 before that i was operation blog in the I find lots of Benefits of WordPress and I’ve decided to move my blog to this domain. And before moving my blog to this domain, I used to get around 10 to 25 visitors per day but after placing the blog in 5th of Jan, here is the stat of visitors I’ve got from Google analytics which ranges from 6th Jan to 11th Jan.

Visits : 1733
Page Views : 3141
Bounce Rage :57.53%
Average Time on Site : 2 minute 7 second

I would like give my special thanks to Bijay Rungta for stumbling my page on on the Jan 6.

Click here to view the google analytics report

After placing the blog in my website, it really helped me a lot to get more visitors and today I’ve got the PageRank from google (PR 1) as well. I would like to thank all of you for appreciating my work. Thanks a lottttt for your love which really boosted up my morale, I’ll be keep on posting useful articles related to PHP and Ajax.

2 thoughts on “Visitor Overview of last 6 days -Thanks a lot for your Love !!!!

  1. Very nice…. good job. Great blog, no doubt about it. Keep it up!

  2. i want to promote my website with your help

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