Blogger Sucks, WordPress Wowww!!

After spending 25 days in, with the blog named, i finally decided to move my blog to my own domain. Well, first of all i was quite happy with my blogger account. But i noticed that lots of big name of bloggers are not using the And, i was interested to know why all of them are using WordPress. Before 5 days, i’ve installed WordPress in the local server of my laptop. Finally, i come to know the secret of true and dedicated blogger, its Wodpress. If i have to rate these two blogging platform then i will give 3 to blogger and 9 points to WordPress out of 10. These are the main reasons to move my blog from to my own domain with WordPress.

  1. You can’t upload the files to, my blog is specially related to the programming so I’ve to upload the php files or zip files which I could not do in I had to upload the files to my own domain and had to give the link in posts.
  2. You can find lots of beautifult themes of WordPress compared to blogger themes.
  3. You can find lots of plugins for wordpress and are really easy to install, just upload them to the plugins folder compared to the tedious task in wher you really have to edit the template code install new plugins.
  4. If somebody comments in my post, I could not see their blog’s or website’s URL and in until they post the link explicitly in the comments and WordPress wins the race in this case.
  5. While posting the article, you’ve lots of options in the WordPress like adding tags as well as category compared to less functionality provided in

So finally I would like to say one sentence to bloggers if they are truly and solely interested in blogging get your own domain install WordPress and continue blogging like i did.

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22 thoughts on “Blogger Sucks, WordPress Wowww!!

  1. I use wordpress and really like it. It’s really easy to use. I particularly like that you can switch from WYSIWYG to code seamlessly!


  2. Thanks for the comment Roshan,
    I agree with you that coder’s are left with no time to think about programming. However this situation is bought on, because of our own doings, we never want to think beyond. I believe that we need no more time than what we already have. There are coders in other places in the world too, however they are programmers too, in the same time frame. IMHO, I believe it is upto us to change.

    PS. Nice site design

  3. mandish

    Balla taha bho wordpress ko importance asti samma ta blog banaunucha vane ….blogger ma banau..ekdam ramro huncha …

  4. Excellent PHP tips. Roshan! We need more…

    WordPress enjoys excellent loyal developer support. Not to forget the plethora of beautiful plug-ins available. I also like expression engine.

  5. I agree Blogger definitely sucks! If you’re a serious blogger, WordPress is the way to go. Thanks for the post!

  6. Nice and informative site for wordpress bloggers.
    Wordpress is simple in comparision to blogger. How do one know his wordpress version ??? And is it free to remove wordpress from the domain name ???? n what abt the process.

  7. You can see the version of the wordpress in the botton of the admin.
    And since wordpress is open-source software and furthermore you are using the subdomain in the but i’ve installed wordpress from the and which are different things.I’m using my own space and wordpress software for my blog and you are using a subdomain under and your blog is hosted in so you can’t remove wordpress from the domain name.

  8. Thnks for the response. Do one have to pay some of amounts to open own space like your in ????? or is it free of cost ??? if it is free, then what are the process ???? thanks again for responsing.

  9. no you’ve to buy space from web hosing company like or you can choose free hosting company like or and then you’ve to download wordpress from and then install it on the choosen web hosting service…the way i did it..i’m using the web space from

  10. Sasha

    WordPress is a piece of crap. Blogger isn’t much better, I’ll admit, but WP is a nightmare. Use real blog software like Chyrp. (

  11. @sasha – U’re the first person who is saying wordpress is a crap…

    But I’m enjoying wordpress whatever others say…

  12. I use WordPress. It’s user friendly and have these really amazing add ons that are easy to install. The dashboards offer easy to manage features. There is also a way to transport your blogger entires to WordPress.

  13. I will use both.. blogger and wordpress.. Since blogger will index faster since it is one of Google product.. i currently maintaining 2 and 3 wordpress..

  14. wordpress Rocks!!! Thousands of plugins… Blogger really sucks not even a single plugin.

  15. Eric Q.

    “Finally, i come to know the secret of true and dedicated blogger, its Wodpress.”

    Ah, Wodpress. My favorite non-existent blogging software.

  16. I say that these are both very overrated. Try :)

    They are pretty new, but extremely simple to use, they have a decent selection of templates, and are unique. They bring many new features to the internet that Blogger and WordPress do not currently have. They have a great support team, and keep everybody updated with what is going on with the site.

  17. if you look for another good webhosting that you can host you’r blog, you can write me an e-mail and i will give you a very fast and reliable webhosting package… have you any newsletter that i can get?
    thanks for an answer

  18. I like blogger, although I have to admit I have never used I have however used and I like blogger better than that…not sure why. You can use many different templates in blogger too, not enough people realize that. Just look at my blog, it defiantly does not look like the typical blogger template. You just have to know a little bit of HTML to edit them. I do not upload files like you do though, just equine photos that relate to horse training and updates. What is nice about is you are now your own website and not a “sub part” of a website like you are with blogger and Blogger does have easy to use widgets also, and you can put in whatever you want using the html/javascript code option.

    Well, there is my 2 cents.

  19. to much limitation on blogger, while wordpress offer a great features, i guess wordpress will rule blogging world.

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