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  • How did I reduce CPU overhead problem caused by MySql?

    From last day, We were having problem with a project which was shut down in the middle due to heavy traffic. As a technical manager, I was the person who to take charge over the project bring it down to the track. After doing few benchmark test, I came to know that the MySql access from a PHP file was creating the overhead to the CPU of the server. 40 comments

  • Model File upload overlay box using jQuery and Thickbox

    Few times back, sNare asked me how do display wordpress like overlay box where you can pass the variables when you click on the link and manipulate simultaneous actions in the overlay until user choose to close it. Today, I've come up with the solution of this with model upload overlay box using thickbox, a jquery plugin. I've used the Iframe content of thickbox while displaying the box as modal box. 16 comments

  • jQuery plugin: word-counter for textarea

    Sorry friends on the way of move to new home I've been lost from the blog as I didn't have internet connection for few last weeks. Now, I'm back and I try to be regular as much as I can. Inspired from the new feature of wordpress 2.6.x which displays word count of each post, I've developed jQuery plugin to display word-count of Textarea. Please note that it is word count plugin not character counter. 45 comments

  • Creating and Parsing JSON data with PHP

    Yesterday, I was in a party and a guy came near to me and asked me what is JSON and how can handle it via PHP. Today, I'm going to tell you something about JSON data and how we can handle them via PHP. Although, JSON stands JavaScript Object Notation, it is used by many other technologies like PHP and Java for data interchange format over the Internet. 26 comments

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  • Back to blogging after 7 months

    26 Jul 2009

    Hello friends, I'm extremely sorry for being away for a long time from this blog. I was missing this blog a lot but due to many circumstances I hadn't had time to update this blog. There were many things happened to my life. But Finally, I'm back to the track and will start updating this blog regularly.

  • Some of Confusing English

    14 Dec 2008

    Sorry friends for irregularity.I'm back to Sunday Fun after after a two weeks break.Here goes the Sunday fun of today taking some rest from  programming. Today I'm going to talk about English language. It's become one of the most essential language for me and hope for many people as well. But here are some of CONFUSING ENGLISH terms that makes me headache, would u help me?

  • CodeIgniter : A recommendation for PHP Programmer

    11 Dec 2008

    I was thinking to publish this post way before but between my irregularity and busy schedule I couldn't do that. Today, I would like to tell you that Why I choose CodeIgniter for my current project and recommend it for other programmers? I've used CakePHP for my one previous project in which I've used the version 1.1.7 of Cake. I must admit that CakePHP is a great MVC framework with but there are many performance issues in the related to CakePHP and I decided not to use it until the final version of 1.2.0 of CakePHP which is still in RC phase while writing this post.

  • Urgently upgrade your wordpress to version 2.6.5

    26 Nov 2008

    Today, I was working on the on backend of this blog for the more customization of the new theme which I've just installed in the blog, I got a message in backend saying that wordpress 2.6.5 is available upgrade now. It is the urgent security released by Wordpress and if you're running a Wordpress powered blog then upgrade it to version 2.6.5. It is a XSS exploit discovered in the 2.6.5 release.

  • got a new look.... got a new look….

    25 Nov 2008

    It was a long run and I've waited for this moment. As the information  and post was growing, I always wanted to change the previous theme of this blog and today finally the moment has come. Here goes the new theme of this blog. Please let me know what do  you think about this theme. Which one is better this one or previous one ?

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  • How to display pop-up message on mouse clicked position using jQuery

    Yesterday, my friend Sujit asked me how can we get the mouse clicked position and display the pop-up message in that mouse clicked position using jQuery.Today, I've come up with the tutorial for the solution of this problem. In this tutorial, you'll see how to display the pop-up message in mouse clicked position using jQuery. When you click the mouse in any position of document, the pop-up message gets displayed with the mouse position around the middle part of the pop-up message. 25 comments

  • Animated content navigation effect using jquery

    I always get bored with the same stuffs. And, I see same kind of content navigation to the different websites. Click a link, let's the whole web page gets loaded and new page gets displayed. It would be better to show another content in the same page with few animation without loading the whole page. 26 comments

  • Ajax login validation system in PHP using jQuery

    Last time, I've showed you how to check user availability in Ajax using jQuery's fading effect. But I've just shown the example without connecting the database and some people have faced problem with database connecting solution of that problem.In this post, I'll show you how to use Ajax login system in php using jQuery and some animation as well. 156 comments

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